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"Mama" (ZYZZYVA, forthcoming Winter 2018)

"The Dan Graves Situation" (Los Angeles Review of Books, forthcoming November 2017)

"Fairy Tales" (No Tokens, forthcoming November 2017)

"Sundays"(Electric Literature Recommended Reading, forthcoming October 2017)

"Stuck Girls" (Granta, August 2017)

"Ray's Birthday Bar" (American Short Fiction, summer 2017)

"Knockout" (Los Angeles Review of Books, Queer Fiction Issue 2015)

"There Was" (Gulf Coast, Donald Barthelme Award for Short Prose 2012)

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* West Virginia Rises to Protect LGBTQ Rights (Yes! Magazine)

No Elitist Farmers Market Here—Free Healthy Food and Profits for Farmers (Yes! Magazine)

Charlottesville, “happiest city in America” — but for whom? (Salon)

Activists Warned of Violence in Charlottesville. The City Didn't Listen. (Splinter)

'I Am a Girl Now,' Sage Smith Wrote. Then She Went Missing (Splinter

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Citizens Begin Reclaiming Coal Country After Decades of Corporate Land Grabs (Yes! Magazine)

Three Decades After Philly Dropped a Bomb on Its Home, MOVE Org Survives (VICE)

This Kentucky County Is Starting Its Own Broadband Network (VICE)

Public Record, Astronomical Price; Unable to afford a trial transcript, a journalist digs into the laws        that govern them (The Marshall Project)

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Job-spurring grants in Appalachia are targeted in Trump’s budget. Here’s whats on the line (100           Days in Appalachia)

The Biggest Losers Under Trumpcare--Rural Women (The Daily Yonder)

* While cities protest, some rural resistors are going back to the land in West Virginia (100 Days in      Appalachia)

“11,000 smart, committed teachers can change the world”: A group of working Philadelphia teachers     is looking to upset the status quo of the teachers union (Salon)

* “The N-word is a horrible word, but how is it a threat?”: The search for justice after a terrifying racial     violation (Salon)

Hate speech aimed at a beloved biracial family in this tiny West Virginia town sparks fear -- and a         "love fest" (Salon)


Essays, Reviews, & Criticism

* When White Supremacy Gets Road Rage (Guernica)

Notes on Frump: A Style for the Rest of Us (Alma)

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Notes From a Young Professor: Writing and Teaching Through Charlottesville’s Culture                         Wars (Catapult

* BBC Story on Roadkill Cookoff is Lazy, Classist Clickbait (West Virginia Public Broadcasting)

M-E Girard’s Novel “Girl Mans Up” Powerfully Explores Minefields of Gender (Autostraddle)

* The Ritualized Anger of a Queer Poet (Hyperallergic)

We still don’t know how to talk about Pennsatucky: The reality of rural sexual assault and how class        plays out in “Orange Is the New Black” (Salon)

Say No to Bows and Scoop Necks: Butching Up Maternity Wear (Slate)

Why I Helped Search for Missing UVA Student Hannah Graham (The New Republic)

* Who is the Queer Dear Sugar? (Autostraddle)

* Why Country Music Loves Me (The Rumpus)

With Little Fanfare, US Prepared to Execute First Woman in Three Years (Truth-Out)

Stories From the Field: Driving the Truck (Terrain)

* The Last City I Loved: Philadelphia (The Rumpus)