I offer private editing services for selected manuscripts. I work one-on-one with writers who are committed to their writing projects — novels, short stories, and creative non-fiction — helping them find their way from draft to finished manuscript. Email me for rates & availability. I will also prepare special rates for shorter projects (short stories, essays, novellas, etc).

Option #1 - I read your manuscript and prepare a ten-page critique letter in response. This letter will speak to my overall impression of the novel, as well as specific comments regarding structure, plot, character development, and other elements of fiction. For instance, by providing an example of weak dialogue -- and a means of addressing that dialogue -- I endeavor to help you make your own changes throughout the manuscript.

Option #2 - I read your manuscript and make in-manuscript notes using track-changes. Typically, I make five notes per page. This includes adjustments to your prose -- for instance, where to strengthen weak verbs -- as well as general comments regarding structure, plot, character development, and other elements of fiction. I will also perform light copyediting.

Option #3 - A combination of Option #1 and Option #2, this approach pairs the critique letter with in-manuscript notes for the most comprehensive editorial feedback.


Emma worked with me on a short story. She really made it clear what worked and what didn't, and helped me form my own ideas on what to revise, as well as having a quick turnaround time. --Jack Firneno, fiction writer

I was delighted to have the opportunity to work with Emma during a low point in my writing of a novel. She provided thoughtful and incisive advice, focusing on the story itself rather than on the marketing of it. Her words of encouragement reflected her strong sense of authenticity, a great benefit for both the author and the novel's characters. Emma was the North Star - someone to rely on as the process of writing unfolded, and as a measure of what is true and real as a finished work emerged. —Susan M. Neider, novelist

Emma has one of the most important characteristics of a successful writer; she's got an innate curiosity about other people, and a desire to learn. Because of this, she's empathetic and has the ability to make people feel at ease. —Aimee LaBrie, short story writer

Emma is a wonderful writer, and an excellent editor and teacher of writing. She did an outstanding job editing "Mountain VISTAS", a collection of writing and art by people who had served as VISTA volunteers in the Allegheny Mountains of West Virginia. She is creative, conscientious, and gets work done on time. — Gibbs Kinderman, President, Designs for Rural Action

Emma is an incisive, smart, and skilled writer who makes it a priority to tackle issues related to social justice and cultural criticism that often are being ignored or misrepresented. She is also a lovely and welcoming presence, creative in her approach, and a great listener. —Sonia Belasco, novelist